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Welcome to the Median Iris Society!

The Median Iris Society (MIS) is a section of the American Iris Society (AIS) devoted to promoting interest in and development of median irises.

Median irises include the Standard Dwarf Bearded (SDB), Intermediate Bearded (IB), Miniature Tall Bearded (MTB) and Border Bearded (BB) classes of bearded irises, as well as Aril (AR) and Arilbred (AB) median irises. Median irises provide a wide range of beautiful colors and patterns on hardy, easy-to-grow, smaller garden plants.

Dot Com (SDB)

Delirium (IB)

Madam President (MTB)

Go For Bold (BB)

Marmalade Skies (BB)

Consummation (MTB)

Prairie Thunder (AB)

Bozrah (AB)


MEDIANS RULE SUPREME IN 2017! Join MIS at our mini-convention, May 18-20, 2017, in Lafayette, Indiana. 3 days, 6 gardens, endless memories! Details and registration form here.

- Friday Night at the Convention: Come for great food - hamburgers, bratwurst and sides - and stay for the fun and games, where you can win newer Median irises, even a few 2017s! Then stay for the auction of 2017 introductions and “Marvelous Median Bags”. More details and iris photos here.

- Maybe Get Lucky! Tickets will be available throughout the convention for two separate drawings that will go on throughout the weekend, one for bottles of wine and the other for 2017 median irises! Everyone who buys a ticket will go home with something - a bottle of wine, or a 2014-2016 Median iris! "Maybe get lucky" drawing details and pictures here.

GET SEEDS! We have a new seed chair, Hooker Nichols, who is reorganizing our seed sale & donation program. Check back for more details once this has been set back up. And many thanks to Bill Chaney for taking such good care of our seed sales for the last several years!

Join the MIS-Robin Yahoo group a friendly forum that welcomes all gardeners to discover the ease and reliability of smaller bearded irises.

Join the Median Iris Society Facebook Group.

Get your copy of the 50th Anniversary History Issue (Spring 2007) of The Medianite Printed copies are available by mail for $26.00 including postage (Overseas $30.00 including postage). Contact Medianite Editor David Miller.