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In 2011, the Median Iris Society began a new endeavor.... a seed sale! It worked so well that we have continued doing it.
Our current list can be downloaded here: MIS Seed Sale List. We have seeds from members who are hybridizing irises all types of median irises... SDBs, IBs, MTBs, BBs, aril-medians, and median species or species crosses.

If you would like to purchase seed, it is $1.00 per packet of 68 seeds (you can order multiple packets of a given lot, as long as there is sufficient supply), plus $3.00 shipping/postage per order.

Send your name, address and email to billchaney@ymail.com along with your list and a check, or mail everything to:
      MIS Seed Exchange
      Bill Chaney
      53085 Riverview Drive
      La Pine, OR 97739

It would be best if you could email first to check for stock and reserve your choices.

GOT SEEDS? We need seeds every year. If you can donate seeds from on-purpose or chance crosses on/with any of your medians, please consider it. You can donate any type and any quantity of seeds...we appreciate everything! If you can donate seed, please review our Seed Donation Guidelines (PDF) for instructions.