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As a member you receive The Medianite, an Official Publication of the Median Iris Society, Inc. It contains articles about Symposium Poll results, Contemporary Views about Median Irises, information about Median Irises as seen in American Iris Society Convention Gardens, comments from Robin members, update reports from Display Gardens, and articles pertinent to Median Irises.

The Medianite is issued twice a year. Subscription is free to MIS members. Three-year memberships make sense for you and us -- less trouble, less paperwork, less chance of missing Medianites, and easier for MIS to budget dues income. Renew now, as dues may need to go up as postage does!

Register online here and pay by credit or debit card via PayPal at https://www.irises.org/median-iris-society/

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Median Iris Society, Inc.
David and Debra Miller
61 Laconwood Drive
Springfield, IL 62712-8727

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