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The Ben R. Hager Cup

The Ben R. Hager Cup is awarded annually during The American Iris Society's national meeting. It is restricted to Median Irises (SDB, IB, BB and MTB) seen in the tour gardens during the meeting. The variety must be introduced but is not limited to Official Guest irises. Each registrant may vote for one variety but a variety could also win the President's Cup or Franklin Cook Cup. This cup is sponsored by The Median Iris Society.

To view a picture of the award winning iris, hover your mouse over the iris name.

Year Iris Name Hybridizer (Award Presentation Location)
2022Black Comedy (IB)Black Comedy (IB)
Paul Black (Las Cruces, New Mexico)
2019Black Comedy (IB)Black Comedy (IB)
Paul Black (California)
2017Chocolate Fountain (MTB)Chocolate Fountain (MTB)
Kenneth Fisher (Des Moines, Iowa)
2015 & 2016Moose Tracks (MTB)Moose Tracks (MTB)
Lynda Miller (Portland, Oregon)
2014Bahama Blues (IB)Bahama Blues (IB)
M. Sutton (Dallas, Texas)
2014Bottled Sunshine (IB)Bottled Sunshine (IB)
H. Nichols (Dallas, Texas)
2013Boy Genius (BB)Boy Genius (BB)
Joe Ghio (Dallas, Texas)
2012Man's Best Friend (IB)Man's Best Friend (IB)
Paul Black (Ontario, California)
2011Dazzling (IB)
Dazzling (IB)
Paul Black (Victoria, BC Canada)
2010Dallas Mahan (MTB)
Dallas Mahan (MTB)
(3-way tie)
Clarence Mahan (Madison, WI)
2010Ruffled Rascal (BB)
Ruffled Rascal (BB)
(3-way tie)
Frances Rogers (Madison, WI)
2010Survivor (MTB)
Survivor (MTB)
(3-way tie)
Lynda Miller (Madison, WI)
2009Dividing Line (MTB)
Dividing Line (MTB)
Charles Bunnell (Kansas City, MO)
2008Crow's Feet (BB)
Crow's Feet (BB)
Paul Black (Austin, TX)
2007Dividing Line (MTB)
Dividing Line (MTB)
Charles Bunnell (Oklahoma City, OK)